Child-Sacrifice: sadly “…nothing new under the sun.” (Ecc 1:9)

As society sinks ever-further into the delusional effects of self-worship, the irony of the headlines is seldom so striking as these two stories.

On one hand, NatGeo ponders what circumstances could have possibly led an ancient society to sacrifice its own children while at the same time the state of New York, to allow for the mental health of the mother, eases its restrictions on child-sacrifice up, to the point of birth.

We are, of course, far too civilized to refer to abortion as child-sacrifice, yet the net effect is that the mother – not only if her mortal life is endangered, but even if her quality of life is threatened – can “legally” choose to have her unborn child put to death … however ceremoniously the medical practitioner (priest of her self-worship) may carry out the execution.

Yes, even to put this into words is chokingly painful… We seldom want to see sin as ugly as it really is.

For that reason if none other, we can never fail to proclaim and share the beauty of the Cross of Christ that freely lavishes forgiveness and freedom from God on every repentant soul… no matter how ugly our sin.